presents 10 titels, 4 of which are the world wide known evergreens and the other 6 composed and written by ourselves. All pieces have been arranged by us and therefore have the special New Orleans Dixie Stompers Sound.
The New Orleans Dixie Stompers were fonded by Julius Acher in November 1988 in Weilheim/Unterhausen. From this time on the group continously grew and developed. From this period a few press cuttings:
„The New Orleans Dixie Stompers who can offer much more than just „Frühschoppen“ Dixie, combine tradition with modern time feeling and can be recommended even to those fans of Jazz who are not necessarily in favour of Dixieland“ (JAZZ PODIUM).
„The New Orleans Dixie Stompers: what they play, proves, that they cannot be compartmentalised into any particular style. They are far from the usual theme scheme and show in their compositions, arrangements (Julius and Micha Acher) as well as in their solistics refreshing orginality“ (The JAZZFRIEND).
„Remarkable! A Dixie Band that doesn’t follow the trodden of Bierjazz’Dixie sound, but plays a very swinging Dixie music“ (Manfred Scheffner, JAZZWAVE PLUS).